Sensitive Content on Twitter – How to Change and See?

While using Twitter, you may have observed that Twitter is blocking some tweets. While blocking these tweets, Twitter is showing a warning of ‘Potentially sensitive content’. The users even if they have online business profiles can easily disable this warning. According to Twitter, this warning is relevant to potentially sensitive content. In other words, Twitter may show warnings relevant to violence and nudity etc. Just like other famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter is also blocking sensitive content. Along with violence and nudity, Twitter is also removing illegal content from its platform. Here, we will discuss sensitive content on Twitter.

How to Skip Sensitive Content on Twitter?

To skip sensitive content on Twitter, you will have to click on the privacy settings button on Twitter. You can easily get access to these options on android phones. Anyhow, these buttons are not available for the iPhone app. For example, if you will change this setting on the desktop, it will not show this warning on your mobile’s dashboard. Anyhow, if you will change this setting on the desktop, you will see this data without warning on iPhone. To disable this warning, first of all, you will have to click on the ‘Setting and Privacy’ option. After that, you will have to click on the ‘Privacy and Safety option. Here, you will find the ‘Display Media’ option. By clicking on it, you can disable the warning for the tweets.

How to Show Sensitive Content?

Along with skipping the sensitive content on Twitter, you can also show it. When you will disable them by using the above-mentioned techniques, Twitter will hide these tweets from the searches. Anyhow, if you want to see them, you can easily enable them. To see sensitive content, you will have to follow some steps. First, you will have to click on the ‘Setting and Privacy’ option from the menu. After that, you should look for the ‘Content Preferences’. In the ‘Content Preferences’ option, you should click on the ‘Search Settings’ option. Here, you will have to click on the ‘Hide Sensitive Content’ option.

How to Remove Warning from the Tweets?

In some cases, when you upload media, Twitter may mark it as sensitive content. Under such a situation, Twitter will allow you to stop showing this kind of warning. To remove this kind of warning, you should also click on the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option. Here, you will have to look for the ‘Privacy and Safety option. When you will click on it, you may find ‘Mark Media You Tweet Containing Material That May be Sensitive’. If you have checked this option, you may start to see these kinds of warnings. Now, if you want to remove this warning, you will have to uncheck it. You will find this option at the same place on the desktop and android devices. Anyhow, you may not find this option on the Twitter app for iPhone.

What a Sensitive Content Warning Does:

When you will share sensitive content on Twitter, Twitter may flag this content. As a result, a specific Twitter user base may not see this content. Moreover, it will not appear on the search results. In some cases, it will not appear in the organic searches.  Some people are saying that it applies to media tweets only. They should know that it doesn’t apply to media tweets only. Along with media tweets, it also applies to text-only tweets. When Twitter will mark everything sensitive on your account, it will also mark the picture of a puppy or another picture as sensitive. Due to such content, your media will get less exposure on Twitter.

What Does Twitter Consider Sensitive?

According to a dissertation help firm, Twitter has divided the sensitive content into three different categories. These three different categories are violence, adult content and hateful content. First of all, we talk about violent content. When we talk about sensitive content on Twitter, violence refers to the depiction of graphic violence. It means that we should not share crime, accident or dying person scenes on Twitter. Moreover, you can’t show bodily harm on Twitter. According to the Twitter team, you can’t share this kind of content even by using sensitive content tags. In some cases, we share the behind the scenes activities. Here, Twitter also applies this rule.

Secondly, there comes adult content. To detect the such content on Twitter, they have introduced this new filter. According to this new filter, Twitter can frequently allow graphic sexual content. Anyhow, Twitter will never allow sexual content in the form of headers or live video. When you will share this kind of content, Twitter will also mark it as sensitive content. Anyhow, Twitter will not delete it from your account. Moreover, it will never ban you from showing this kind of sensitive content. Anyhow, it will limit its exposure on social media accounts.

At last, we talk about the hateful content. For the prevention of Twitter sensitive content, they have also introduced this new filter. The main purpose of this filter is to combat hate symbols and hate speech. For example, we can’t share the hate speeches of the leaders. Similarly, we can’t share the images of the fighting people. Anyhow, it is also allowing some kind of hateful content. To share this kind of hateful content, you will have to use such content tags. These three types are showing that Twitter is not allowing harmful or sexual content in any form. If you don’t want to see this kind of content on your content, you should use its filters.


With the help of sensitive content, Twitter is providing an opportunity to the users to mark the sensitive tweets. For this reason, Twitter has introduced the “Display media that may contain sensitive content” option for the users. If you want to see sensitive content on Twitter, you will have to check this box. On the other hand, if you don’t like to see sensitive content, you will have to remain unchecked in this box. When you will go to the settings option, you may also get rid of sensitive content error issues. Twitter has divided the sensitive content into three categories. For these three categories, it has introduced separate filters.

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