How to Remove Vinyl Tile Glues From Wood Floors

Trying to remove vinyl tile glue from wood floors can be a bit of a challenge. This particular type of adhesive is typically used to adhere vinyl flooring to the subfloor. There are a variety of different adhesives you can use when installing vinyl flooring but vinyl glue remains a favorite among do it yourselfers. If you are looking for a way to clean vinyl tiles after they have been installed then here are some tips that may help.

To start with you need to take your floor apart. If you don’t have an experience this can be a bit of a frustrating experience but it can be one that is worth taking on. Start by removing the trim around the edges of the floor. If you have trouble getting at the nails or the staples they may be underneath the trim.

The next step is to remove any wood backing from the subfloor under your floor. If you didn’t glue the wood down you will probably find it best wood glue right to the subfloor. Once you have the wood stripped you will need to use an open-ended needle to pry it loose. You may find it difficult to get to and once you manage to do so the glue will usually come off with a little hard work.

Now that you have removed the wooden backing you will need to remove the vinyl tile glue from wood flooring. This can be done quite easily with the right type of tool. Firstly you need to use a shop vac to remove the dust. You can also use a floor bristle brush to clean it if the dust seems to be getting pretty thick.

Next you need to make sure you have a steady surface to work on. A table or workbench would be great for working on. Work at either side of the vinyl tile to avoid rubbing or scratching it. Once you have the glue dry, you should be able to use a shop brush to clear off any excess glue. Do this again if the residue becomes too thick.

Once you are happy that you have removed as much glue as possible, you can proceed to sand the area to make it look as flat as possible. You can sand all parts of the room, even the areas between the tiles. Once you are happy you can then apply a finishing substance to protect the finish from staining. If you want to know how to remove vinyl tile glue from wood floors, the best advice is to go over the floor with fine grit sandpaper. This will take off any scratches and make them less visible.

If you have installed your own flooring, it is likely that there are staples that are stuck to the floor. To remove the staples you should first use a pry bar to remove the nails that are sticking out. Then use a small amount of sandpaper to smooth out the surface where the staples are sticking. You can then use the same technique for removing the wooden floor padding. One important thing to remember when learning how to remove vinyl tile glue from wood floors is that you must never allow the adhesive to completely dry before replacing it with a new one.

Installing a floor can give you years of enjoyment, but it can also be a source of headache if you have never learned how to remove vinyl tile glue from wood before. There are many DIY websites on the internet which will teach you the process. If you don’t want to spend your money purchasing these online DVD’s, you can always rent one from your local rental center. The advantage to renting a DVD is that you can watch the video over and repeat the steps until you are satisfied that you have learned how to remove vinyl tile adhesive from wood flooring. Once you have successfully installed your floor, make sure to treat it like you would any other floor in order to prevent staining and keep it looking good for years to come.

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